the complication Crazy Hours™

The Crazy Hours collection is equipped with one of the most discreet complications at first glance and yet it is no less fun once you understand how it works.

To understand how Crazy Hours works, you need to focus on the hours indication. Rather than offering a linear reading of the hours, the complication results in a jumping hour on a dial with a 145° jump every hour.



For this start of the year Franck Muller adds to the collection a woman model the VANGUARD CRAZY HOURS™ LADY reference V 32 CH. The timepiece is introduced in an 18k rose gold barrel case in a viril and sporty style. The architecture of the watch is interesting because of the superposition of the time indications on the dial. The Arabic index font is the trademark of Franck Muller. However, the most remarkable thing here is the enhancement of these hand-applied indexes, whose gold perimeter on a black background enhances the rendering. You will also notice the sunken dial's background and its holographic numerals revealed by the position of the wrist and the play of light.

We could add a remark on the second hand, which is "too discreet" to my taste. A black color would be a reminder to the index fingers and would probably support the perspective.

To conclude, I would say that this is the kind of watch you would almost want to borrow from your wife.

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Anwar Korti

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